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Classification and identification of different milling machines

Classification and identification of different milling machines


First, the Gantry Milling Machine: it is arranged by the bed level, columns and connecting beam gantry milling constitute both sides, and its milling head mounted on the beams and columns, can be moved along its rails, general beam can be moved vertically along the column guide, and the table also can be moved longitudinally along the rail bed, it is more suitable for large workpieces.

Second, the milling machine: This milling machine is a way to lift the rail milling machine vertical movement along the bed, usually mounted on the lifting platform workbench and saddle can be vertical, horizontal movement.

Third, bed type milling: This milling machine table is not lifting, but along the rail bed to move longitudinally, its milling or columns can be used as a milling machine vertical movement.

Fourth, special milling machine: Take milling tools for it, this milling machine is mainly used for the milling tool die milling machines, high-precision machining only, but also for very complex parts machining shape.

Five, flat milling: This is mainly used in the milling milling and molding plane surface areas, bed level layout, table can often be moved longitudinally along the rail bed, the spindle can move axially, its advantage is simple structure production efficiency and high.

Six, desktop milling machine: it is a relatively small, only suitable for Instrument these small parts for milling milling machine.

Seven, copy milling: This is a profile of the workpiece machining milling machine, mainly used for processing of complex shape of the workpiece.

Eight, cantilevered Milling: The milling head which is mounted on a cantilever milling machine, bed is arranged horizontally, and its cantilever generally along the side of the column bed rail to move vertically, milling head on along the cantilever rails move.

Nine, rocker milling: This milling arm is mounted on the top of the bed, the milling head is mounted on one end of the rocker arm, the rocker arm can turn and move in a horizontal plane, and the end face of the milling head can swing arm rotating a certain angle milling.

Ten, pillow slip milling: It spindle is mounted on the ram milling machine, bed level layout, it's ram can move laterally along the saddle rails, saddle can also be moved along a vertical column guide Milling.

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