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The difference between CNC lathes and conventional lathes

The difference between CNC lathes and conventional lathes


1 CNC Lathe Machines has higher flexibility

CNC lathe machines don`t need constantly re-adjust the machine, it is suitble for the processing of frequent replacement of the occasion, such as the small-batch production, reducing the production preparation cycle, saving a lot of technology and equipment costs.

2 CNC lathe machines has higher precision

CNC machining accuracy is generally up to 0.05-0.1MM, CNC machine is controlled by a digital signal in the form of numerical control device for each output a pulse signal, numerical control device output a pulse signal one time, the moving parts move a pulse equivalent (0.001 MM).NC device can compensate the average error caused by feed transmission chain reverse gap and the screw lead error. therefore, CNC lathe machines has higher precision.

3 About processing quality

At the same processing conditions, using the same tools and machining program, tool track is identical. Parts produced by CNC Lathe Machine is more stable.

4 Regarding the productivity

CNC machine tools can effectively reduce the processing time and the auxiliary time parts, large machining centers and feed rate range allow big strong cutting force.

5 improve working conditions

Numerical control machine is adjusted well in advance, Only input and start the program, the machine can automatically continuously carry on the processing until the end of the process.

What Operator need do is to enter the program, edit, parts handling, tool preparation, observation, inspection and other working parts, Reducing the labor intensity greatly.

6 Modern production management

CNC machine processing, processing time can be estimated accurately in advance, the tool used, the fixture can be standardized and modernized management. Combined with computer aided design and manufacture (CAD/CAM) organically, is the foundation of the modern integrated manufacturing technology.

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